Sanskrit tattoo - Fierce tigress inside.

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Your one-stop shop for Sanskrit tattoo translation and writing.


“She may look small outside, but she is a fierce tigress inside.”~ Sanskrit tattoo translation - beautifully handwritten - spine tattoo..

Authentic Sanskrit tattoo translation.


Don't compromise on the correctness of your Sanskrit tattoo translation of your message, and on the elegance, beauty and aesthetics of the writing. There is no automatic Sanskrit tattoo translation software/website; dictionaries are only helpful if you already know the language well; there are many nuances, grammar rules that dictionaries don't describe. There are many ways errors come in when dealing with Indic Unicode fonts in software, including font rendering errors.

Your tattoo is too precious to rush.
Slow down.
Get it right.
Get it beautiful.

"I am your personal guide, on the journey of getting your Authentic Sanskrit tattoo, to provide a pleasant experience for creating lifelong memory of your important message - translated authentically and written beautifully."

Why should you consider Authentic Sanskrit Tattoos?

  • Your one-stop shop for Sanskrit tattoo translation and writing.
  • Authentic Sanskrit tattoo translations - by author of Sanskrit workbooks.
  • Knowledgeable guidance - with Sanskrit mantra, shloka, yoga, spirituality and scriptures related help.
  • Personal attention - not off-the-shelf 10 or 15 standard Sanskrit sentences.
  • Beautiful calligraphy - handwritten, freedom and ability to express all ligatures (combined letters), unlike some computer fonts.
  • Unique writings - it is always written afresh for you, even for standard or repeat text.
  • Custom services - Option #4 for non linear layouts, incorporating more than just the script.
  • Variety of styles - 3-6 handwritten or up to 10 computer fonts in standard pricing.
  • Free verification - if you already have got the translation done. Send original English message and the translation you have got.

These are not just words or phrases.
They define what services I offer and why I offer them.

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Your one-stop shop for Sanskrit tattoo translation and writing.